The notoriously difficult second book

So, book number two. Since finishing the final draft of my first book, Haunted Fields, back in November of last year, I’ve continuously promised myself that tomorrow is the day for work to begin on the next project. However, work is yet to commence. Through this blog, I intend to give the reader an insight into the challenges facing an author starting afresh.

Haunted Fields, through its many reinventions and countless drafts, was an eight-year project. I’d like to have book number two finished by the end of the year! I’m facing a dilemma though – sequel, or something different? I have an outline for a sequel, and at some point in the future I’ll no doubt revisit the community I created in Haunted Fields, but for now, I’d like try something else. So what to write? I want to stay in the Young Adult genre. Mystery appeals to me, as does a touch of horror. I’d also like to write something with a slightly shorter time span. A story set over a day or two, for example. I’ve also decided to have a go at writing this project in the first person.

The concept for this book began with a daydream I had a few months back. I decided to research the subject area concerned and discovered a mysterious world full of controversy, and interesting individuals. So, I have five pages of research, a brief outline of the plot and a vague sense of where I’m heading. The pencils have been sharpened, the notebook opened, the excuses exhausted. Tomorrow work begins. Thank you for reading.

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